Our Features

Management Driven Work Queues

Management driven work queues provide you the power to establish and prioritize multiple queues for each collector. Once established, work queues can be easily updated based on collection productivity.

Workflow Automation

Establish business rules that incorporate industry standard best practices and ensure accounts are worked appropriately via workflow strategies that align with your collection goals. Client specific business rules can be established based on contractual requirements and account distribution can be fully automated based on established business rules.

Performance Tracking

Assign productivity goals to your organization’s management team and collectors via CollectOne’s performance tracking tools. Top down goals can be assigned and real-time performance statistics can be assessed at both the collector and management levels to improve productivity and accountability.

Account Scoring

CollectOne includes a rules based point system that establishes collection probabilities to help you determine the most applicable treatment and prioritize resources to maximize dollars collected.

CollectOne also provides you with the power to broaden your account scoring processes via interfaces with industry leading third-party scoring technologies.

Predictive Dialing

Leveraging a dialing solution is one of the most cost effective ways to increase productivity.

As part of the CollectOne software vendor partnership program, the optional, integrated TCN Dialer provides you with the power to maximize efficiency.

If your organization already has deployed a third party dialing solution, no problem; CollectOne provides you with the flexibility to integrate your existing dialing solution and seamlessly manage real-time results with any of our industry’s leading third party, predictive and hosted dialing solutions.

Skip Tracing

Leverage best in class skip tracing tools from our industry’s leading skip tracing providers and increase productivity with real-time phone number and address searches. CollectOne also includes fully integrated credit report retrieval that provides you with the power to request credit reports and attach the credit reports to the consumer’s account.

Letter Outsourcing

CollectOne includes a comprehensive mail management system that provides you with fully automated mail processing functionality including print and mail outsourcing, returned mail processing and automated National Change of Address (NCOA) updates.

Legal Collections System

CollectOne includes an award winning legal system. The single source solution automates posting your legal workflow to the consumer’s account. The judgment lifecycle is fully automated within the legal system, providing everything from pre-judgment cost analysis to post judgment figures, garnishment dates, automated calendaring and the ability to simplistically merge judgment data to your legal forms.

Customizable Reporting

CollectOne includes a comprehensive bundle of management reports that provide you with the real-time data needed to develop strategy and monitor overall performance. ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) architecture gives you the power to customize reports and fully automate the creation and delivery of your reporting via best in class technology.

Web Portal

The CollectOne Web Portal provides your organization with the power to securely monitor collections activity in real-time, import new business and view posted reports 24 hours a day. Real-time views of account data include critical account attributes and users can securely download data from the CollectOne Web Portal to an Excel spreadsheet. Specific data categories can be disabled from view through the administrative console.

Reports can be uploaded to the CollectOne Web Portal, viewed and securely downloaded by users. Users can also securely upload data, including placement files to the CollectOne Web Portal.

Communication is made easy through the Portal’s imbedded email functionality. At the click of a button users have the ability to create and send email that will be sent to a predefined email address.

The CollectOne Web Portal can be customized to your organization’s corporate brand.

Web-based Consumer Payments

The CollectOne Web Portal offers your organization a Web based solution to securely collect payments via check or credit card 24 hours a day. The CollectOne Web Portal seamlessly passes payments for processing to your CollectOne software and authorized payments are posted directly to the account. The payment processing functionality within the CollectOne Web Portal is fully FDCPA and HIPAA compliant.

User Defined Windows

User defined windows provide your organization with the flexibility to create windows based on specific workflows and debt categories. Text, date and monetary figures can all be customized within each window and security settings can be employed to mask sensitive account data.

Credit Reporting

CollectOne includes Metro 2 formatted credit reporting that gives your organization the power to generate industry standard data files that can be submitted directly to the credit bureaus.


CollectOne provides a flexible accounting system. Accounting workflow can be fully automated based on management defined processes and client specific accounting rules can be established based on contractual requirements. CollectOne includes interfaces with industry-leading accounting software, giving your organization the power to seamlessly integrate your financial data.

Support, Updates & more

Client Care Services

CDS Software takes great pride in providing unmatched client care. Our highly trained Client Care Team is comprised of industry experienced specialists that provide implementation services, on-site and online training, technical support and professional services. Our Client Care Team is committed to working together with our clients to maximize their CollectOne solutions.

Our highly qualified Client Care Team is here to ensure your success. Our Technical Support Team works closely with our clients to provide everything from general support, to preventative care and system maintenance.

Professional Services

Our highly qualified Professional Services Team can work directly with you to gather specifications and develop requirements for custom programming including software customization, interfaces, EDI, new business imports and customized report writing.

Implementation Services

Proper deployment and configuration of your CollectOne software is managed by our Client Care Team. A Training Specialist will work directly with your organization to ensure that your software is properly deployed, configure the application to meet your specific requirements and provide your staff with training.

Product Updates

Ensure that your organization maintains its competitive edge by receiving product updates for your CollectOne solutions at no additional charge.

Ongoing Training

Maximize the potential of your CollectOne solutions via ongoing training sessions that are available both onsite and online. Our ongoing training sessions can be customized to an agenda you provide and are a great way to train new personnel and maintain a standardized level of knowledge.

CollectOne User Conference & Training

Join our user community for the annual CollectOne User Conference & Training. The conference includes extensive training sessions ranging from intermediate to advanced level topics, enhancement groups and an expo that features our industry’s top vendors.